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Tradeworks is a Business Process and Systems Revision Project to provide a simplified global BP and a single GIS business application for all services, and associated local business types.


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Tradeworks has been established as a framework project to enable GIS to fix BP problems of quality, timeliness, and cost effectiveness as well as to complete the systems/data integration objectives of Oxygen Project (1999) by providing a single global business application accessible to all offices in context of a revised Business Process.
About Security
The security of your online information is important to you and to us. We have implemented numerous measures to ensure that browsing and online order data entry from Tradeworks is safe and secure. We use a secure server with all Tradeworks information, which means that the data passing between your computer and our server is encrypted (coded), using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protection. This means that it can't be read by a third party during transmission and is therefore safe. Your browser will provide an icon to indicate when you have arrived at our SECURE On-line ordering page.

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